Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Release your inner artist with Sharpie.

I have a certain affinity for sharpie markers....I have dozens in all colors and sizes.  I love drawing with them. You can imagine how excited I was at seeing the amazing things people have done using their sharpie markers.

Give your bike a new "paint job" : http://blog.sharpie.com/2009/07/hot-wheels/

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Came across these prints on Etsy...love them!

Artist: Matte Stephens
http://www.etsy.com/shop/matteart - To view more prints.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flaws & Frustrations...

I have no problem in admitting I have faults...it's not like we all don't have a few. It's when others point them out to and with a name a little less than kind that it really stabs a person. I mean, does having an attitude when someone gets sarcastic with you consitute being called an ass? .... don't answer that.

My fault is that I  get annoyed/angry when ppl get impatient or even slightly rude with me...even if it's warranted. If I lived in a world of my own....people could upset me and I could get mad and carry on, (carry on meaning I don't talk to you, or talk about why i'm mad) and they can let it go and leave me be till i'm over it. but noooooooooo people have to ask what my issue is and why I have an attitude or why i'm being an ass... How the heck do I answer that with civility!? Other than I'm bothered or angry. However childish people think I am. That's how I act. I've always been that way.

Do I need to change? Sure... Should I be able to talk about my feelings? I guess... but it's not that easy for me. I get mad and try as I might, it shows. I'm not looking to argue, I hate confrontation and do whatever it takes appease a person. (Which is also a fault) I try to pick my battles so I stay quiet and try to get over the way i'm feeling. Unfortunately, i'm not a robot, I don't go from annoyed to jolly in .5 seconds. It's something I REALLY need to work on because apparantly my getting an attitude and my blah mood is becoming a routine thing. I'm not sure why that is, I just know it's not a good thing and It's only going to cause more problems today...and down the road.