Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Hello You...Beautiful Things

It's been a while since I've done a beautiful things post, I will work on being more consistant. Here are some things that caught my eye this week. Enjoy....

Spanish Steps dress

The Pierces (Loving their music right now)

Milford Sound, NZ (On my bucketlist to visit)

This dress from BHLDN

Royal wedding inspiration

Feathered hair...I couldn't pull it off, but it does look pretty.

Anything catch your eye this week? If you care to share it send me the link, I'd love to see.

Monday, April 25, 2011

You Took My Life And Made It Beautiful...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/Resurrection Day.

Soo...Today's blog title is significant [to me] in two ways:


First, it's a line from the theme song to a fantastic movie I saw over the weekend. The Young Victoria. I'm such a sap for history, historical dramas and romance, so I absolutely loved the film. If your curious to know more about the film you can view the trailer here. The movie was delightful to watch, and it is has further urged me to do more research on Victoria and her Prince Albert myself. Any film that makes me want to dig into history and do some reading gets my vote. 


Secondly, in retrospect of yesterday [Easter] and the significance the day holds, I think the line [see blog title]  perfectly sums what Jesus Christ did for you and I.  I was definately taken in by the words the Pastor spoke in Church yesterday morning. That while Jesus Christ died for my sins, so we also will die. It's what happens to us mortals, naturally. His [Jesus] death wasn't the clincher as to the reason I/we have hope, faith, forgiveness and a home waiting for us in Heaven. It's not the reason we "celebrate" Easter.  It it because He defeated death and rose again! Because he was risen from the dead, our faith is not futile. He was seen by witnesses and changed lives and is still changing lives today. He took my life and made it beautiful...he saved me from my sins and saved me to a cause. To a life of purpose, struggle, pain, joy, learning, loss and gain...a beautiful life indeed. He can do the same for you too.

For more on the here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Song of The Day: "Gone Away"

As of late, I've been listening, non-stop, to the music of "The Civil Wars". If you haven't had a's a link to their site. You will love I promise. In my opinion, not only are they a fantastic duo and wonderful cover artists,  but also potentially amazing collaborators.  I came across this video today, it's of Lucy Swartz (another great artist) who toured a bit with The Civil Wars. The harmonizing in this clip is...well... *sigh. ENJOY!

Friday, April 8, 2011

MUSIC LIST: April 2011

I was excited to learn that another of my favorite musical artists is coming to town this month Cary Brothers!!! I can't wait! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: Saddle Shoes

I kid you not, my mother had me in saddle shoes from the tender age of 2 all way thru elementary school. I used to look back at pictures and ask her why she made me wear them all the time...she just laughed. They weren't the only shoes I had, but they were a style she bought again and again.  I had them in Black and in Pink...*sigh. If only my mother had kept them. I disliked them for so long...then I came across these. A more grown up version and I am in love! My mother was a stylish one. I told her I should get them for nostalgic purposes. Of course, she told me to get them. I'm debating on whether I should...


Now, I am no artist, but when I saw the shoes I had this idea for a super cute outfit. So I sketched it out and stuck it to my corkboard for inspiration.

Shirt: A vintage, white button up with peter pan collar. Buttons and trim on sleeves/collar are black.
Pants: Skinny ankle jeans, Dark blue was with folded hem.
Shoes: Soda Shoppe Saddles Shoes
Accessories: Red head band, Bracelets
Hair: in a messy chignon