Thursday, July 8, 2010

Music: In every note, in every word...there is a story.

I don't know why i didn't think to do this sooner. I've been doing this for so long... I wonder what inspired me to make a project out of it now?

When it comes to music, I'm won over first by the instrumentation, then by the lyrics. I have to love the way piece sounds in order to like the song as a whole. I live for the music that moves me, that makes me feel all different kinds of emotions. More often then not, while listening to music, I come up with these little stories in my head that go along with. It wasn't until today that I thought to remember the music and materialize the stories in writing.

With that, today marks the beginning of my project. For the next few weeks, i'm going to post a song, along with my personal thought, scene or story inspired by the song. I may even do a song twice (just to see if I imagine something different) Let's see how I fair...<3

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