Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Am A Doodler...

On notebooks, napkins, blank or lined paper... Whenever I should be taking notes or giving my undivided attention. I tend to "wander off" into doodle land. I came across some that I did years ago, while sitting in class and during a company meeting (shame on me) In my defense I am told that people who doodle during meetings/lectures actually retain more then those who just sit and listen. 

I'm not sure why I saved this, but they do offer a glimpse of what was going through my crazy head at the time (I'm assuming?) Any fellow doodlers out there?? When do you find yourself more prone to doodling? (See above factoid and doodle on!) 

P.S. I think the word "doodle" is absolutely hilarious. I can't say it without laughing. :P

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