Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We came As Skeptics & Left As Fans...

My sister & I had a blast at The Script concert, Friday night,  at House of Blues. We did the whole "pass the line" ordeal, which i'd totally recommend. We ate dinner, got in line and got a spot really close to the front of the stage.  There were a few snafu's like dealing with rude ppl and my sister accidentally deleting all the pics and videos from my camera half way thru the concert, but other then that we throughly enjoyed ourselves. I got to see my musical crush perform lol Josh Radin and fell in love with a new band and their music.

They were awesome performers, VERY involved with the crowd. The lead singer even jumped , more than once, into the crowd. The brave soul. A sea of girls pushed, shoved and screamed at the chance to touch him (My sister squeezed his bicep?) I thought he and I, in the torrent, were going to die. All survived the night thank goodness.

It's a thing with the bassist to take a pic of the crowds during the shows and post them on their twitter page...Lucky for us, we're in the shot!! Err well my sister is, but you can see part of face, the other part is behind some ladies hand (Just my luck) Proof, regardless, that we were there. Above is the picture he took of the concert. (Hint: we're in the bottom left.)

P.S. Learned that night Josh Radin's coming back February 7th, to do a concert in Orlando...Hint, hint for anyone who knows me...My Birthday's on the 8th. ;)

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