Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello You...Beautiful Things...

Note: If the weather could stay like this forever and by this, I mean Sunny and no warmer than 80. I'd be one happy camper, Oh! Springtime come and stay forever! Notes aside, here are a few things I fell in love with this week. Enjoy!

This pretty tea dress 

(I received a card with this very illustration)
Art print by Bella Pilar

 Wallets in pretty colors

These fun, flirty shoes from Modcloth

Pretty vintage teacups to add to my collection

   Lovely clothbound books

I'd gladly trade my floppy binder for this cute recipe box 

 What beautiful things have caught your eye this week??

1 comment:

  1. Love the tea cups and recipe box! I'm in love with Givenchy. I was reading the other day about how he and Audrey Hepburn worked so closely together. He made clothes just perfect for her, and I always wish we could go back to those days when clothes were simple, chic, and feminine. I've got my eye on all things feminine this week...that's what. :-)