Monday, April 4, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: Saddle Shoes

I kid you not, my mother had me in saddle shoes from the tender age of 2 all way thru elementary school. I used to look back at pictures and ask her why she made me wear them all the time...she just laughed. They weren't the only shoes I had, but they were a style she bought again and again.  I had them in Black and in Pink...*sigh. If only my mother had kept them. I disliked them for so long...then I came across these. A more grown up version and I am in love! My mother was a stylish one. I told her I should get them for nostalgic purposes. Of course, she told me to get them. I'm debating on whether I should...


Now, I am no artist, but when I saw the shoes I had this idea for a super cute outfit. So I sketched it out and stuck it to my corkboard for inspiration.

Shirt: A vintage, white button up with peter pan collar. Buttons and trim on sleeves/collar are black.
Pants: Skinny ankle jeans, Dark blue was with folded hem.
Shoes: Soda Shoppe Saddles Shoes
Accessories: Red head band, Bracelets
Hair: in a messy chignon

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  1. This is adorable. You would look great in this outfit. Post pictures when you pull it all together, Ashley!