Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, That's The Last Of Them...

Today, the littlest Alvarez started her very first day of kindergarten. Being the oldest sibling,  this REALLY makes me feel old. My baby sister isn't a baby anymore :(  I can only imagine how my poor mom must be feeling. She's been a stay at home mom for the past 20+ years! That's a long time being in the company of a little one. Coming to grips hasn't been easy for her and emotions are on high tide as of late. In time, my Ma'ma will learn to embrace her new found free time. To say the least she deserves it.

This a new chapter for many in the household. Little Sis started Kindergarten, Little Bro started middle school and mom has no more little ones to care for. Not to worry, I've done a little brainstorming: What can my Ma'ma do that will let her use the time she has to an advatage. She's been a great stay at home mom and keeper of the house, but now starts a new chapter in her life. working mom? volunteer? gym rat? lol the possibilities are endless.

1. Work - Part time, sales assoc. at fave clothing store
    (discounts to expand wardrobe are a plus)
2. Work/Volunteer - geriatrics facility
    (possibly where the gramps lives)
3. Join - gym (there's no better time)
4. Volunteer - Church or community center
    (Use impressive organizational skills or counseling abilities)
5. Go - back to school
6. Get - Hobby/Interest and see where it takes you
    (Sewing, Hiking, Scrapbooking, Reading)
7. Rest - It's well deserved
    (don't rest too long tho, you'll miss out on great stuff)

Love you mom!

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