Monday, August 2, 2010

Letters To Sofia:


A young mother sits, a box of crinkled, yellowed papers before her.
All those years, so many letters. so many memories, so much love.
She sits and reads the letters written to her by her mother.
discreetly wiping the tears from her eyes...

She sits, remembering her mother and the gentle person she was.
Now she takes out sheet of paper & begins to write
She looks out the window, Smiling as she watches her little one play

Her little angel, with auburn locks glimmering in the summer sun.
Her tiny hands toss and drop a bright red ball.
Her little feet scamper across the lawn to catch it.

She continues writing, her heart jumbled with emotions.
Looking up, she stops to feel the warm breeze across her face,
Like the warmth of her mothers hands when they once held her close.

She finishes her letter, seals it with a kiss.
and places it in a newly painted pink box,
Joining a few other letters that have come before it.

Slowly, she makes her way outside,
Still watching her little girl laugh and play.
She pauses a moment to pick a tiny flower growing on a bush,
Picks off the petals and sighs quietly. So many memories...

The little girl sees her mother and smiles.
A beaming smile this mother would never forget,
She watches her little girl run toward her with open arms.
She falls to knees, laughing, and gathers her daughter in her arms.
Cradling her, rocking back and forth, as her daughters laughter fills the air.

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