Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Special Birthday...

Today would have been my Grandpa Ramon's 68th Birthday.

He used to make his own lures... he'd do mini sketches, and create cool lures and other fishing related gadgets.

Antiques Roadshow, a show we watched together whenever we caught it on TV. We'd watch and try to guess the value of the items. I still watch it and think of him every time I do.

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He did this trick where he'd pretend to have a broken arm and whenever he'd hit it, it would spin in a circle like a wind mill. A trick I could never do quite do.

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Did I mention my grandpa loved fishing? Well he did. He used to fish with his buddies at East River Park in New York and when my family lived in Florida and he came to visit,  there were always trips to the Keys or some beach/pier, sometimes with the entire family other times with "the boys" It was and still is a great passion passed on to his sons and in turn, passed on to their sons. I wish I had the patience for fishing back then. Those times I spent in his back room while he went on about lures, rods, reels, casting or letting me help him. Opening the many film canisters he had on a rack, kind of like the one above, but better. I wish I could still do that with him.  I loved spending time with him.  

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The Patriot, a movie we watched on more than one occasion. Whether it was b/c it played constantly on TV or b/c we enjoyed the movie that much, I don't remember. But I remember he laughed when the battle scenes came cause I winced and gasped and half covered my eyes. Usually, the movie would be followed by a war documentary or something on the history channel and we'd watched till he decided to go to sleep. He'd turn out the light and hand me the remote. I'd watch the documentary till the end.  

It's amazing that you can still miss someone so much, no matter how much time has gone by. It's been 9 years since he passed, it took a year before it really sank in and when it did... Since then, all too often, I come across something or some memory that will remind me of him. I still miss him very much.  Happy Birthday Grandpa.

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