Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Hello You....Beautiful Things:

Spring is here, and while I'm excited to see all the beautiful blooms and for upcoming trips to the beach. I'm just not ready for temps to hit their 90+ degree mark...Can't it stay breezy and 80 everday of the year!? All complaints aside, Spring brings a colorful array or flowers, delish light recipes, new fashion staples and lots of pretty dresses. The boy and I attended a lovely outdoor wedding of a friend this past weekend. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I opted against wearing pants (for once) and took the opprotunity to wear a dress. I'm not big on wearing dresses, but I was so surprisingly comfortable in what I wore that found myself wanting more dresses in my closet. So this week, my beautiful things post is full of pretty dresses I'd like to have in my closet...better get my workout on.

         This black & white striped dress

                                                                and this blue dress

                                                                       This dress too.

                                                                      And this one.

                                                                             This one

                                                       Lastly, this floral number.

What's your favorite thing about spring??

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