Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Midnight Rendezvous:

Your only necessities: you, your music, a car and the road. No need for a road map, for there is no real destination. Time does not exist, therefore a watch is useless. There are no limitations. It is uncertain exactly what you will get out of this and no telling where you will end up. Just know, tonight , the road is yours. You own the very gravel you travel on. It is the golden path to the unexpected, and only one thing is for certain... discovery lies in the horizon.

The music is the mood setter for this little rendezvous. You roll the windows down letting the moons light faintly illuminate the car. The wind blows thru your hair and in your face. You let your hand venture out and feel the wind beat briskly against it. You take a deep breath, taking in the moment, easing the restless mind and removing the mental clutter and worry of the days past. Tonight is about renewal.

The stars continue their game of hide n' seek into the wee hours, while the "cheshire cat" moon shines down, revealing the clouds that have decended to the earth..a misty fog. There is such a sense of freedom on such night drives; an invigorating, almost overwhelmingly free feeling...like you are flying...

Your mind begins to wander. A vast array of thoughts flood in. Thoughts of life, love, loneliness, togetherness, the past, the present and the unknown future. These thoughts whether happy or sad are the motivational tools for your life... No matter the problems, the stresses and worries to be had and overcome, they have no affect on you at this moment. For in these moments that pass, all things seem right and well. And as you drive off into the fading night...a new day is just beginning.

*Originally written March 2008

Photo Source - http://www.bddphotography.com/BDD_Photography/Home.html

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