Monday, October 18, 2010

"Memories Fill The Empty Spaces"


Sitting curled up on the couch, Her Daniel Steele novel tossed carelessly aside. She sits, deep in thought. The emptiness of the room soon envelopes her; causing her thoughts to stray back to just a few hours earlier. When the room was filled with laughter & lively conversation, with the sighs, sounds of kisses & passionate play.

Scanning the empty room; eyeing the remnants of moments. Wine glasses sitting half empty on the coffee table next to an empty bottle of Pinot Grigio. Half eaten Chinese take out left out on the kitchen counter & the movie menu for An Affair To Remember, forgotten, & playing repeatedly in the background. The sad melody, only half drowned out by the pitter patter of the rain beating against the windows.

Chills run down her spine, she gathers her sweater around her for warmth & stares longingly out across the room. His warmth has left her, the quick, rhythmic beating of her heart has since subsided. She closes her eyes, breathes deeply & for a split second she can smell him. But, he's been gone awhile now, only memories of the time remain & the faint scent of his cologne that lingers still.

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